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Article: BetterManagement Moves to the SAS Knowledge Exchange
SAS, the owner of, will discontinue updating the web site. Thought leadership content will now found on the new SAS Knowledge Exchange website.

Article: Quarterly Rolling Forecasting - The Ten Foundation Stones
Quarterly rolling forecasting (QRF) is one of this decade's most important management tools. Many attempts at QRF flounder because of poor design, consultants wedded to unnecessary detail, and a lack of understanding of the foundation stones for QRF.

Article: Marketers Need to Pick Up The Pace
While there is increased awareness and acknowledgement of the importance of metrics, their adoption has been less than optimal.

Article: How to Make "Solutions" More Than a Buzzword
“Solutions” may be a hated buzzword, but ITSMA research shows that more than ever, customers want real solutions to their business problems.

Article: Why You Need Three Different Types of Value Proposition
Eight out of 10 ITSMA member companies say that they are responding to the current economic uncertainty with this action: modifying value propositions. But this quest is complicated by the long sales cycle in B2B.

Article: Four Steps for Solutions Growth in the Downturn
Solutions are one of the few bright spots in dark economic times. ITSMA’s joint survey with Solutions Insights shows that many believe they will improve solutions revenues this year. But to do so, they will must concentrate on four key initiatives.

Article: Measuring Performance in Challenging Times
With the economy in downturn and many businesses facing challenging times, we should be measuring performance in a new way. David Parmenter looks at what can be done immediately, and the changes we can work on in the next six months.

Article: Finding Your Organization's Critical Success Factors - The Missing Link in Performance Management
Understanding, measuring and managing critical success factors is increasingly important to ensure the survival and future prosperity of your organization. In this article, David Parmenter shows how you can crytallize and communicate your CSFs.

Article: The Ability to Serve
The ability to provide exceptional service is not something you can simply teach at all. Your recruits first must share the same basic traits.

Article: Working in the Fourth Dimension – The Operations of an Exceptional Team
David Parmenter found a new source of inspiration for managing team performance at his children's after-school care facility. This article discusses the principles that this program put in place to ensure a happy, thriving workplace.

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