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Article: Selling to the Local Chinese Market: An Interview with Lenovo's Deepak Advani and BCG's Hal Sirkin
Knowledge@Wharton spoke with Deepak Advani and Hal Sirkin about strategies for selling to Chinese consumers.

Article: Navigating the Labyrinth: Sales and Distribution in Today's China
China's goods and services are still mostly supplied via the labyrinthine networks of state-owned distribution companies and small, private wholesalers.

Article: Super Supplier Collaboration
Does your company collaborate with suppliers? Almost everyone will respond affirmatively to this question, but what does "collaboration" mean?

Article: The Time Has Come for RFID
Remember when brightly colored price stickers were stuck manually onto products? Then came barcodes, laser scanners and intelligent cash registers. Yet, these innovations will become relics of the past as soon as RFID strengthens its position.

Article: RFID Tags: Working and Worthwhile!
Does RFID technology work? Is it worthwhile? To find out, researchers from IESE and MIT analyze how Wal-Mart uses RFID technology to receive, count and check the product orders that Kimberly-Clark and Gillette deliver to its stores.

Article: Aldi: A Supermarket With a Reason to Celebrate
Aldi's founders really do have something to celebrate: They are now at the top of Forbes's list of the world's richest people.

Article: Business Value Messaging: RFID
RFID brings a new era in supply chain logistics driven through technology. Leverage RFID investments to a competitive advantage through powerful analytics.

Article: SCORing Big with your Supply Chain Business Intelligence Initiatives
Today’s manufacturing companies are using business intelligence to improve their integrated supply chains. Even if you're not a manufacturer, you can learn from their experience.

Article: Customer Responsive Supply Chains: An Exploratory Study Of Performance Measurement
While organisations may be claiming to measure end customer satisfaction, the reality appears to be that they measure operational performance related to dealing with their supply chain customers.

Article: Beyond “Lowest Total Cost”: The Move from Global Sourcing to Global Market-Making
Global sourcing is no longer an option. It’s a competitive necessity, a basic cost control strategy and a springboard for entering new markets.

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