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Article: BetterManagement Moves to the SAS Knowledge Exchange
SAS, the owner of, will discontinue updating the web site. Thought leadership content will now found on the new SAS Knowledge Exchange website.

Article: Quarterly Rolling Forecasting - The Ten Foundation Stones
Quarterly rolling forecasting (QRF) is one of this decade's most important management tools. Many attempts at QRF flounder because of poor design, consultants wedded to unnecessary detail, and a lack of understanding of the foundation stones for QRF.

Article: Measuring Performance in Challenging Times
With the economy in downturn and many businesses facing challenging times, we should be measuring performance in a new way. David Parmenter looks at what can be done immediately, and the changes we can work on in the next six months.

Article: Finding Your Organization's Critical Success Factors - The Missing Link in Performance Management
Understanding, measuring and managing critical success factors is increasingly important to ensure the survival and future prosperity of your organization. In this article, David Parmenter shows how you can crytallize and communicate your CSFs.

Article: Delivering Enduring Environmental Credibility
Once considered a marginal issue, the environment is now a hot topic that captivates public opinion worldwide. By adopting an optimal environmental policy, firms can gain an edge over their competitors and earn credibility.

Article: Salient Advertising Gets Bigger Bang for Buck
Advertising is a game in which firms spend – some say waste – money trying to attract consumer attention away from rivals. New research from IESE presents a model to help firms balance their ad spend and product prices and obtain higher profits.

Article: What Next? Ten Questions for CFOs
As companies shift their attention from fighting the crisis to getting the most from the recovery, CFOs must keep them focused.

Article: Why Innovation Will Revive the Tech Sector
The recession's impact on the tech industry will be painful in the short-term but could it produce the innovation that consumers demand? Learn how entrepreneurs and upstarts could overtake better known stalwarts of the industry.

Article: Strategic Planning: Three Tips for 2009
Even in these tumultuous times, strategic planning doesn’t have to be an exercise in anxiety—or futility.

Article: The Value of Developing Talent in the Midst of Economic Turmoil
With indicators pointing to a lingering recession and many businesses regrouping, it seems building and adding to talent would be the last thing on the minds of managers. But ignoring the value of human capital, especially now, can be a big mistake.

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