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Article: BetterManagement Moves to the SAS Knowledge Exchange
SAS, the owner of, will discontinue updating the web site. Thought leadership content will now found on the new SAS Knowledge Exchange website.

Article: Building a Better Banking World
There will always be fraud, but banks now have the ability to take the upper hand and better manage and control losses.

Article: How Can CROs Protect the Innovation Engines in Their Organizations?
Chief risk officers have an important role to play in ensuring that the innovation engines in their organizations do not slow down. Learn how to keep innovation going strong in your organization.

Article: Nike: Just Do it – But How?
“Just Do It” is undeniably one of the most popular slogans of our age. So when Nike sought to adapt its supply chain, the new challenge facing the company was, “Just how to do it?”

Article: What Next? Ten Questions for CFOs
As companies shift their attention from fighting the crisis to getting the most from the recovery, CFOs must keep them focused.

Article: Why Innovation Will Revive the Tech Sector
The recession's impact on the tech industry will be painful in the short-term but could it produce the innovation that consumers demand? Learn how entrepreneurs and upstarts could overtake better known stalwarts of the industry.

Article: Coca-Cola's Muhtar Kent on the Economy, Innovation, and Careers
With 1.5 billion servings a day in 200 countries, The Coca-Cola Company is the world’s largest beverage company. Learn how it’s overcome arrogance, lack of growth, and some bad PR to maintain that position and thrive in a challenging economy.

Article: Risk Taking Is Necessary Says Dimon of JP Morgan Chase
"You've got to decide what you want to do and what happens if it goes wrong," says Jamie Dimon of JP Morgan Chase. Any CEO worth his salary knows risk-taking is necessary; it's the details that determine the outcome.

Article: Eight Levels of Analytics
Not all analytics are created equal. Like most software solutions, you’ll find a range of capabilities with analytics, from the simplest to the most advanced.

Article: The Bigger Picture: Enterprise Risk Management in Financial Services Organisations
This Economist Intelligence Unit report that explores the evolution of enterprise risk management (ERM) and risk practices among financial services companies.

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