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May 09, 2007 Webcast: Implementing Month-End Reporting in Three Days or Less
Organizations around the world spend too much time on month-end reporting when the real decision-based reports are those issued daily and weekly. Tune into this seminar and learn how shorten your month-end reporting process.

Article: The Truth about Performance Improvement: Part 1 - Moving Beyond the Metrics (first in a five-part series)
"Moving Beyond the Metrics" is the first of five articles detailing the current state of performance management initiatives.

Article: The Truth about Performance Improvement: Part 2 - Laying the Foundation (second in a five-part series)
Success in many areas nearly doubles when predictive analytics are part of the performance management initiative. This is the second of five articles detailing the current state of performance management initiatives

Article: Activity Based Management: Improving Processes and Profitability--Chapter 5. The ABM Framework
Learn how ABM handles costs, the language of ABM and the characteristics of activities compared to conventional approaches.

Article: Organizational Performance Challenges
How budgets, cost models, management dashboards and continuous improvement are used today — and what needs to change.

Article: Enhancing Value Through Data Mining
In spite of centuries of sales experience, most insurers rely heavily on price for acquiring and retaining customers. The reality is that customers base insurance purchasing decisions on many factors.

Article: Performance Management – Making It Work, Part 2: Strategy Maps and Balanced Scorecards for Navigation and Speed
Strategy maps and scorecards are excellent tools in the quest for a strategy-supporting measurement system that links to operations and tactics.

Article: Financial Reporting Goes Global
The global need for accounting information to deal with global transactions is becoming overwhelming. What is the answer?

Article: The Basics of Activity-based Management
Use ABM to make dramatic improvements in measuring product and process costs, and more important, customer profitability.

Article: The Basic Principles of Building ABM Models
What are the basic principles of building ABM models?

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